Before and After



Distance: 4.11 Miles

Time: 39:43

Pace: 9’38” Per Mile

Finishing it together with friends: Priceless!


11 Replies to “Before and After”

  1. Krysty

    Great job Aaron!!! You’re gonna get hooked! And that’s a great time for your first race. I’m so impressed…keep running!

  2. Krysty

    And one more thing…you and Brent’s style must be much the same…that is, if that’s your Dt. Coke in the “before” picture! He’d be drinking something the same on a morning like that. πŸ™‚ Maybe I’m too quick too assume it’s yours, but I know Heather enough to know it’s not hers.

  3. Aaron

    Thanks Mike, Jeff, Darrin and Krysty! It was a great time.

    Krysty – That was indeed my Diet Coke can. The McDonalds cup was a leftover from the night before (Heather’s Sweet Tea). The DC was the jump start I needed to get ready for the big race. Who knows maybe we can get Brent out there and we’ll be “Team Diet Coke” πŸ™‚

    It is addicting (the running that is). I signed up for another one on the 13th of December –

  4. Mud Puppy

    Congratulations man! My dad and I tackled the Ann Arbor Turkey Trot Thanksgiving morning as well. I was unpleasantly surprised to find 2 big hills in the course, but I finished regardless. That pretty well kicked my butt! πŸ™‚

  5. Aaron

    Thanks Mud Puppy. I hear ya on the hills. We were cruising along through about 3.5 miles and they threw a pretty good incline in to finish the race. There was a downhill then an incline to the finish. I was good until that point. I think a hubcap flew off on the downhill. It was sweet crossing that finish line on so many levels though. I got the bug now. Gotta get this IT Band noise to calm down so I can do this 5K in 11 days. Pushed through 2 miles today but it’s going to be a patch job to get through the 5K. We’ll have to do one together! Deal?

  6. Aaron

    Me too. After this little 5K I think the next goal is a 1/2 marathon or 5K in May. It will all depend on how the training goes the rest of the winter, but the 1/2 is a goal I am going to set I think. I have ZERO desire to run a full marathon so a half would be the pinnacle of my running. It’s great head and thought clearing time though.

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