First off let me say that my commentary below takes nothing away from the heart of what this song was all about. Imagine what this world would be like if we all had the vision and heart of Bob Geldof.

That being said….

  • See how many mullets you count was you watch this video. It’s got to be double digits. I included Phil Collins because it appeared that the “party in the back” was creeping over his shirt collar.
  • I always thought it was cool that Sting got to sing a lyric with his name in it.
  • Does Bono have the greatest part of this song or what?
  • Man I wanted Simon Le bon hair….
  • Was that Bananarama?
  • I noted more than one pair of tight rolled jeans in this clip.
  • I think I even spotted a Swatch Watch somewhere in there.
  • Cool and the Gang had a mullets too!
  • What ever happened to Jody Watley?

Good times…. Good Times…