I’ll be flying running solo for the Reindeer Run on Saturday at Easton. I’m still fighting a bad wheel (hip) so it will be interesting to see what the time and pace will be. It’s too bad we’re not doing this on a track. Since it’s my left leg I would have a natural pull to the left that would’ve helped.

grinchI’ll have highlights results and a picture or two next week. We got our “Moju Project” shirts in the mail today so if you’re over at Easton Saturday morning, look for the really slow runner with a limp and the green shirt on.

Just because, I’m posting one of my favorite all-time songs. It was also featured in 2 of my favorite movies (Forrest Gump and For Love of the Game). The line “I’m older now but still running against the wind” is one of the best lyrics of all time. Great line. Great song. It seems to mean even more now than ever before.

Against the Wind” by Bob Segar