Not Happy….

In the words of the great philosopher Gilber Huph “I’m not happy Bob….NOT HAPPY“. Let’s recap the last two weekends shall we?

Colts – Lost to Chargers

Cavs – Lost to Wizards

Tar Heels – Lost to unranked Boston College…at home.

Ohio State – Lost to Texas in Fiesta Bowl

Carolina Panthers – Lost to Cardinals…at home.

Tar Heels – Lost to #4 Wake Forest

Not a good couple of weekends for the sports fan in me.

Not Happy Bob…Not happy.

7 Replies to “Not Happy….”

  1. Aaron

    Their defense in the middle is soft
    Teams are crowding Hansbrough
    Hansbrough has become a 50% free throw shooter overnight.
    Wayne Ellington’s “J” and game went to the NBA but he returned to UNC
    Bobby Frazor looks slow and is afraid to take a shot
    Dion Thompson loses all confidence when the ACC season starts
    Tyler Zeller is wearing street clothes…and a cast
    Marcus Ginyard is (see Tyler Zeller above)
    They have shot 30% in the two games they lost
    All of the things I don’t like about Coach Roy are showing

    Otherwise, I think they are just fine….

  2. jeremy

    you seem to be a bigger tar heel fan… but what happened to the panthers was downright atrocious. The freaking cardinals?! are you kidding me? The pure definition of mediocrity! Not just this season but for several decades?!

    And now i have to cheer for them next week because I can’t stand the eagles!

  3. Aaron

    Jeremy – No doubt. The MVP for the Cardinals was easily Jake Delhomme. He gift wrapped the game with 5 picks and a fumble for good measure. Brutal. Steve Smith and “Double Trouble” never had a chance to get it going because Delhomme kept giving it back. The “D” was taxed by being on the field the whole game. It was quite possibly the worst performance by a QB that I can remember seeing.

    Roxanne – My wife made some hot tea and read a book. She stayed a safe distance away during both the Panthers and the Tar Heel games. I was NO FUN to be around.

    But the sun still came up today and last time I checked the sky hasn’t fallen yet. This too shall pass…..Like Jake Delhomme…..

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