Guess what Wii got?

As the snow accumulated outside today, the UPS man made true on his promise and “Brown Delivered for Me”. Last week I had to burn through my last few American Express Rewards points (I’m sure gonna miss those) so I got the family a Wii fit. I figured the kiddos and Heather would love it. I also thought it would fit (no pun intended) nicely in my goal  of  “cleaning up this old honky-tonk” (me). So after dinner we cleared the living room and lit this candle!

After what seemed like 3 hours of setting up each of the members of our household, we finally got into some workouts. Wow. If you have not tried this thing yet, it is much harder than it appears. The torture balance games are particularly tough. I can tell this is going to provide several hours of stories and memories though. For anyone that has played it, I had to yell out “Who throws a shoe….honestly” during the soccer header game. What is that all about? I felt like “W” there for a minute!

My only other observation is this….what is the deal with this BMI calculation? Seriously. I would hate to have seen what that thing was pre-running stages. Now for the question you’re all dying to know…our “Wii Fitness” ages are as follows:

“The Boy” – 32 (he’s 8 )

“Daughter #1” – 14 (she’s 5)

“Daughter #2” – 22 (she’s 3)

My lovely wife – 42 (she’s not even close to that)

Yours truly – 40 (I’m closer to that then I would like to admit)

Honestly I’m not sure what all of that means, but I guess we will soon find out. More to come…..

5 thoughts on “Guess what Wii got?

  1. No doubt. The balance stuff is out of control. The BMI said my ideal weight is 152 pounds. Dude…seriously. 152 Pounds!!!! It said that it would be my best weight to avoid sickness. All I know is if I weighed 152 pounds, I would look crazy sick.

    Still a lot of fun though. I like the step aerobics. Even with 2 left feet…..

  2. I love the Wii Fit. Balance games are the worst for me but everybody else does great on them. Today my Wii Fit age was actually correct, first time though 🙂

    Try out the Sports, they are great. Boxing is my favorite!!!

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