Anyone else tired of the ordinary? Anyone else feel like you are stuck in the mundane? Have you ever sat down and just pondered what your purpose is on this big spinning piece of real estate called earth? I know so many people that are praying for “Gods will for their life”. You can count me in that group too. Maybe it’s Rick Warren’s fault for teaching us all to live the Purpose Driven Life….

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, then this might help. I know it gave me perspective and, even if for a moment, purpose. While this song by Rachael Lampa was written about Mary, I wonder if we can’t fill our own name in that blank too. You see, each one that has accepted Christ as their Savior, has also been filled with the Holy Spirit. It is that Spirit which calls us to a purpose. A purpose of introducing this world to a Savior and a King. No matter your title, your occupation, your neighborhood or place of worship, each of us has this purpose.

Imagine for a moment you received a letter from your Heavenly Father. Listen to the song and fill in the blanks below with your name. I wonder if it wouldn’t read something like this….

“I Choose You” by Racheal Lampa

When everyone around you sees
an ordinary life
Fit for nothing more than common dreams
I can see the stars of heaven
shining in your eyes
Soon the world will hear the angels sing
(Insert Name Here) I know it’s hard to understand
You hold the light of the world in your hands

I choose you
To bring the world a savior
I choose you
To bring the world a king
I choose you
To be the arms of love that hold the answer
For the world to see my promises come true
I choose you

I know there are many questions
Weighing on your mind
What is becomming of your life
Just remember why I’ve called you
To leave your fears behind
To walk by faith and not by sight
(Insert Name Here) I know
It’s all a mystery
My hand is leading if you’ll only believe


And he shall be called
Wonderfull prince of peace

I choose you
to bring the world a savior
I choose you
to bring the world a king


For the world to see my promises come true
For the world to see my love come shinning through
I choose you