It’s that time of year again. This is the first year that we have two entries into the Awana Grand Prix on Friday night. This is the first for our daughter and the third car for our son. Each year, the brainstorming session into what we should create out of a block of wood is half the fun. As you can see by the pictures, my daughters was easy. A little pink paint and some Hello Kitty stickers and she was all set. “The Boy” on the other hand presented some challenges…

The vision was to create a convertible UNC Tar Heel car with our beloved Rameses at the wheel. What made this challenging is that we live in “Buckeye Country” and Tar Heel stuff is hard to find. Thankfully, we made a call to some great friends in Charlotte and they hit the stores in search of a Rameses. They found the perfect solution in a ball point pen and quickly dropped it in the mail. Some google images for the logos (and Tyler Hansbrough’s number 50) and some Carolina Blue paint and we had all of the pieces we needed.

I am reminded each year of the words to this classic song by Jeff Carson. It’s the opportunity to invest time into the lives of our children. It’s not about the car, it’s not about the race. It is about the investment of time together that we will forever call ours.

It’s not the car that I’m needing,
Just the chance to be with him.
I know that once these days roll past us,
They will never come again.
So little time and we spend way too much apart.
There would always be a part of us together in that car.