As we make our way into what I hope to be a very memorable weekend, I was reminded of this moment after the birth of our first son. It’s no secret that I have passed on the Tar Heel passion and bloodlines to my only Son. It’s so bad that tonight we watched the McDonalds All American High School game to scout the 4 players that have committed to Carolina and the two that committed to attend Duke. We literally took notes as to their ability and where we see them fitting in with what is left of our beloved team next year (rumored to be losing 7 to 9 players at the end of the season).

I guess he never really had a choice. From the day after he was born, I was introducing him to one of my many passions…the Tar Heels. In all sincerety, I am hoping for a Championship win on Monday night so we have a moment to share that doesn’t often come along. In a blink he will be out of our home and chasing his dreams. While I would argue the Heels will be back in the Final Four in no time, there are no guarantees. We have a chance to create “one shining memory” that we’ll always have. It goes beyond basketball or sports. It’s about sharing a common interest and creating lasting memories.

As I close out this post, I find myself hoping upon hope that the really important stuff (faith, respect, courage, honor, leadership) is what is being “caught” not “taught” as well. There is no question he has followed my passion when it comes to sports teams (see also the Cavaliers). My greater goal would be the things that really matter in this life. Are they as clear and apparent as my love of a sports team? Do our conversations involve and revolve around matters of faith and the heart?Am I teaching him “early and often” the wisdom which has been passed down to me?

That strange feeling in the pit of my stomach right now is probably telling me more than I really need to know….