Some final thoughts before tonights big game.

  • Been interesting to hear which side the “Buckeye Nation” has taken for the UNC and Michigan State game. They either can’t root for “anything from that state up north” or they are rooting for the Big 10.
  • The analysts are correct that the game in December was totally different.
  • I don’t anticipate this, but should Michigan State win, you have to give them credit. They will have beaten three number one seeds to earn it.
  • Tom Izzo is a great coach. Roy had better have them ready.
  • The last two times Carolina won the Championship, they beat Big 10 teams (Illinois, Michigan)
  • I heard a statistic this weekend that was incredible. UNC has been in the Final Four 7 of the last 15 years.
  • Assuming they win Monday night, I will have watched 3 of their 5 Championships.
  • I’ve always been a Magic Johnshon fan, but in the match-up of alumni, I’ll take Jordan over Magic any day.
  • When I think of all the teams and players I have seen go through Carolina the last 20 years, this is my favorite team by a long shot.
  • I can think of no finer finish to the Hansbrough story and legacy than a Championship.
  • J.R. Ried has been replaced as my favorite Tar Heel of all-time by both Hansbrough and Wayne Ellington
  • My radio silence for the game officially begins when I click “publish” on this post.


No big surprises here however I do believe this game will be closer than some have predicted. Carolina has a way of going into “lapses” where they allow the other team to come back (Villinova cut that lead to 4 at one point Saturday night). If they are not careful, Michigan State is a well coached team and on a roll right now. One of those lapses could cost them the game. That being said,  the 4 that could have gone to the NBA (Hansbrough, Lawson, Green and Ellington) are 40 minutes from what they returned to do. Their depth and experience should weather the crowd and energy of Michigan State.

Heels by 12.