Last night the randomness that is my iTunes played the song “As Long As it Matters” by the Gin Blossoms. I hit repeat a few times just because it is such a great song. There is something about those five words that have stuck in my head the past few hours. I think I’m finally coming around to understand why. I think it’s because that might be what we all want. We all want to do something or somethings that matter.

When I think of my role as a husband and father, I want it to matter. I want my children to know that their father loved them. I want them to know that they are important to me. In the good times and the bad, I never want them to doubt that they..matter.

It is my hope that my wife knows that she matters. From running a home and engineering a family to the day in and day out “ministry of the mundane”, they all matter. It matters to me. It matters to our children. It matters to our family.

When I put in a days work, I want to know that the job I do matters. I would like to think that because I did whatever it was that I did that day for my employer, it mattered.

If someone calls me friend they need to know that it matters. They should never doubt or question that what they are going through matters. If it is rejoicing or sorrow, it all matters. As long as it matters to them, it matters to me.

Most importantly, when I get to the end of this life on earth, it might be a huge understatement, but I want nothing more than to know that it mattered. Did my time on this big ol’ spinning rock mean something? Is something better? Is some one better? Are those people that God placed in my path and along my journey aware that they mattered? What they do matters. Who they are matters.

Did I reflect that it mattered to the one that matters most?

As long as it matters