Only Three Weeks Left


Only three weeks left until the big 1/2 marathon. Hard to believe it got here as quick as it did. As you can see by what is left of my training schedule, I’m on the “tapering down” portion of training. So far I have completed 13+ miles on two occasions. I would hate to declare myself “ready”, but at least I know I have the capacity to make it. I am taking this opportunity to rule out a full marathon…ever…EVER!

May 2nd…ready or not, here we come!

One thought on “Only Three Weeks Left

  1. Okay, I have the perfect race for you! I ran in the Sunburst Half Marathon a few years ago and it was amazing! It’s at the University of Notre Dame. You start out at the Football Hall of Fame, run all around South Bend, Indiana, and you finish by running into the stadium and crossing the 50-yard line!!! It’s amazing! As you run in, they call your name and city over the loudspeakers, the school mascot is doing flips, and they play the fight song! You run down the same tunnel that the football players do. It’s intense! We had a blast and the city is wonderful. It’s a small, homey city and and everyone was so friendly! Check it out! It’s a lot of fun!

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