Kenny Chesney once sang the following:

“We all have a song that somehow stamped our lives takes us to another place and time”

I recently posed the question on facebook “what was your song and why?”. One of the responses was the Matthew West song “The Motions”. I recently did some follow up on that song and found out some interesting things that I was not aware of. Check this out:

In 2007, doctors at the Vanderbilt Voice Center in Nashville discovered a vascular polyp and hemorrhaged blood vessels on West’s vocal chord.  In addition to undergoing surgery, he was unable to speak for a total of two months following the diagnosis.  However, during this season of silence God refocused West’s priorities and renewed his purpose. (SOURCE)

It would appear that the song “The Motions” has certainly stamped Matthew West’s life. In recording and releasing it, it has impacted many others as well. How about you? Is there a song that has stamped your life? To the point of this song, are you going through the motions? For more inspiration and stories of people committing to stop going through the motions, check out Matthew’s web site (HERE).