Been a strange week for me. Two weeks actually. For it was roughly one year ago that a “For Sale” sign went up in our front yard and our course was set for Charlotte, North Carolina. I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life. Well, if you’ve followed the journey you know I should say “anything’s” since we went through it twice….and never moved. You would think that one year later I would have this awesome story to tell about why we’re still in Ohio and there is no “For Sale” sign out front. No disrespect to all those we love and hold dear here in Columbus, but I’ve got no magic story. There’s no big finish. We’re right where we were one year ago.


Did anyone else ever take those long road trips in a vehicle like the one pictured above when you were a kid? You remember the “Are we there yet” mobile! If you really think back on it, those were some long trips, but they hold great memories don’t they? Sure, Disney World was at the end of the journey and getting there took FOREVER…in a hot station wagon…but man do I have stories! Great memories.

My Senior year in college, my friends and I broke down carpooling to Florida for spring break. We ended up piling everything into one of the other cars (including 4 strapping college dudes) and being crammed from Tennessee to Florida…but we have great memories of that journey. I laugh typing this thinking of those times. At the end of both of these walks down memory lane, I am reminded that the journey was worth every mile!

While I cannot provide the big finish to our Charlotte story and don’t have the slightest clue where God is taking us, I can tell you this…it’s been worth every mile. While I won’t go into all of the great memories from this past year here, believe me when I say there are many. Some are wonderful and some break your heart. We would have missed them. They have taught, shaped, moved, sifted and refined us for the past year. They have been worth every mile.

I can’t tell you where this station wagon of life is headed next. I know, at times it’s hot and we need a rest area in the worst way. Yet I would have missed the best part if we got there without the miles and the time getting to our destination….wherever and whenever that might be.