Now that the dust has cleared and the half marathon is but a memory, I have been reflecting on what was my favorite part of the entire experience. Honestly, there are so many great moments from Saturday, it is hard to pick just one. Meeting my wife at the finish line, having family here for the event, seeing friends along the course and accomplishing a goal are all pretty high on the list. There is one moment that I really believe was my favorite part of the day.

After making my way through the sea of people at the finish line, my son and one of my two daughters (the other was at a choir practice) met me for an embrace. I won’t soon forget that moment. While the picture above is not from Saturday, it was another one of “those moments” someone caught on film. As I held my son and daughter near, I simply said “we did it buddy…we did it”. You see I made a commitment several months ago to taking better care of myself for those that are counting on me. My favorite part was knowing I kept my promise.

The final 3 weeks of training, “The Boy” rode his bike next to me on some of my final runs. We had fun together and it made him a partner in the experience. If I had to pick one moment from Saturday, I would say that was my favorite part….

My Favorite Part by Matthew West