popular_frontRemember Cassette Singles? For my younger readers, a cassette single looked just like a regular cassette tape. Well, let me start here, back in the 80’s and 90’s, artists actually sold their music on these things called “cassette tapes” which you played in your car, your home or a device called a walkman. Think of the walkman like an MP3 player except the batteries usually lasted about 2 hours and they were 3X the size of the current iPods. Now, a “Cassette Single” look just like a full cassette (cd/album), except they only had one song per side. One song was the one you wanted and the other side….not so much. They ran about 99 cents and were all the rage.

That little history lesson was there for this one small point…If cassette singles had not been replaced by MP3’s, I would have absolutely worn one out today. In case you missed it, Daughtry has a new CD hitting the streets on July 14th. I’ve been a big Daughtry fan since America voted WRONG on American Idol and sent him packing before the final. Matter of fact, I haven’t watched “Idol” since. I mean…Taylor Hicks?

“Bitter…party of one.”

I will admit that I caught about 5 minutes of the show last night. Daughtry was on and sang his new single “No Surprise”. Being the fan that I am I hit iTunes this morning and dropped my $1.29 on the single. Best money I have ever spent. If the rest of the new CD is anything like “No Surprise” we are in for a real treat. I wore this MP3 out today! If there was a record for the number of times an MP3 can be repeated, I have to be in at least the top 10. Couldn’t get enough of it. Great, great song. If you think I’m kidding, hit his site and listen to it before downloading.

Best lyric of the song:

If I could see the future and how this plays out
I bet it’s better than where we are now
But after going through this
it’s easier to see the reason why.

One final tidbit on Daughtry….it should be “No Surprise” that he calls NORTH CAROLINA home. I’m just saying…that’s all.