In a few short weeks we’re packing up the “family truckster“, setting the GPS for Outer Banks and spending a week on the beaches of North Carolina. As if that wasn’t inviting enough, I took it upon myself to just take a quick “look see” how far out of the way Chapel Hill would be on our journey. Since we’re “in the neighborhood” we’re going to go ahead and spend the night 2 miles from the University of North Carolina. To say I’m excited might be the understatement of the year!

While we’re there “The Boy” and I are already making plans to visit the campus book store to finally pick up some National Champion gear. From there we’re going to visit “Kenan Memorial Stadium“‘, “Boshamer Stadium” and Franklin Street. I am sure we will both have tears in our eyes as we visit the sacred ground that isĀ  “The Dean Smith Center“. Once we’re through with all that as much as I hate to do it, we’ll probably take the 8 mile journey up Tobacco Road to Duke where we can vandalize see Cameron Indoor Stadium. The amazing thing is that I plan on doing all of that the first day we’re there!

As if that wasn’t enough, before pushing off for the final leg of the journey to Outer Banks, “The Boy” and I plan on hitting the newly opened “Carolina Basketball Museam“. I’m sure there will be more tears of joy, happiness, fulfillment at that moment too. Once we’ve had our fill and the camera memory cards are full, we’ll fire up the truckster and head to the beach for a week. Sadly, I don’t know if those days at the beach will compare with the first day and a half of the journey. Well…for “The Boy” and I at least….