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As Good As It Gets?


This might be a “data dump” of sorts, but it is what has been on my mind for a little over a week now. I’m not going to lie and say that I don’t ever think about the house we almost bought in Charlotte, North Carolina. I won’t act like there are not days when I wonder what it would have looked like to be there now instead of Ohio. There are moments where I drift off to thinking about what being “here” means, looks like, feels like and if this is “as good as it gets”. Does that make sense? Does anyone else ever wonder that?

Now before you write this post off and cruise to the next web site on your list, hear me out. I meant what I wrote when I talked about dealing with some things on that half-marathon. Over the past 10 days or so, it feels as if some chains have been broken, burdens lifted and a new sense of clarity has come to me. It is this clarity that quickly screams to me each time the “good” question is raised. Almost audibly I am reminded that if this is as good as it gets…then there is nothing wrong with that! I have found a peace and a place of being content with where you are.

Not where you wish you were – wishes can be deceiving.

Not where you dream you will be – dreams give us the chase.

Not where you think God is going to place you – God never draws it up the way we do.

There has been a shift in my looking at this world and my place in it. If this is as good as it gets then I have much to be thankful for. I have been blessed beyond measure. If you have handed me a script of where I would be today ten years ago, I would have accepted it in a heartbeat. I am challenged why I don’t feel that way sometimes now that I am here? It’s not bragging, it’s perspective. For example:

I hate our washing machine. It has the most annoying beep when it is all done. Yet there was a time when I would drive 5 miles to switch loads at the laundry mat. Somewhere tonight there are people with no washer at all. If this is as good as it gets…..

I will forever believe a part of me was left in Charlotte, North Carolina last year. That part of me may never return. Yet here in Columbus, my kids have great schools and teachers. My wife has a great circle of sisterhood. I have friends that I am convinced would take a bullet for me if necessary. If this is as good as it gets…..

I often wonder where God would have us in a ministry. I look for that place where our hearts desire and his plan intersect so that magic moment we read about happens. Yet day after day I have people walk through my life that don’t know Jesus. I spoke to one of our neighbors for the first time since we moved here the other day (we’ve lived here 4 years). Last time I checked, the city I live in was not filled with saved people. It is just like every other city and people need the love of Christ in their lives. If this is as good as it gets….

You get the picture. As quick as I have been to ask “is this as good as it gets” the past 10 days, I have been just as quick to put that question in perspective. Funny when you do that how the answer always comes back –

If this is as good as it gets…it’s great to be here.



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  • Amanda Ragan · May 13, 2009

    This is great! I love it! As I’ve told you and your wife before, I’ve been going through a terrible time lately (getting out of an abusive marriage) and it’s been scary.
    I was worried the other day when I balanced my checkbook and I immediately started to panic. This was silly because I wasn’t even overdrawn, just very close. And suddenly, God just wrapped His arms around me! He made me realize that I had enough gas in my car to last me until payday, enough groceries in my pantry (ramen noodles go a long way my friend!) and enough clean clothes (because I too have to travel to a laundry mat and feed those darn machines a fortune)! I realized that all of my basic needs were met and there was no need for me to be unhappy for any reason!
    If this is as good as it gets for me, I will consider myself very blessed indeed. Life is what you make of it and it looks like you’re doing a great job!
    God Bless! Thanks for the encouraging words all the time! Now if only we could get your wife to blog more often! :)

  • Vicki C. · May 14, 2009

    Great reminder, Aaron! I think some of it is an age thing…I’m about 7 or 8 months older than you and I’ve been thinking the same things. I’m finding that 40 isn’t nearly as scary as 30! It’s a neat perspective I think, you can really look back and see all of the things God has done! His faithfulness in so many areas. How thankful I am for the life I’m living that is far outside of what I was expecting! Not what I expected–but it’s WONDERFUL!!!


  • dennis george · May 15, 2009

    Looks like you are my inspiration again! I have been reflecting on the issue of clarity this week. (Seems we are often on similar paths.) It came as I began reading again Brennan Mannings book, Radical Trust. Consequently with the book and your post I was inspired to dust off my blog and write a new post. It’s called “Clarity is Only a Song by John Mayer. I’d love for you to check it out and give me your thoughts. Thanks

  • Matt Bays · May 15, 2009

    It’s ups and downs – and that’s life isn’t it? I think it’s late spring. Late spring always finds me feeling a little blue. I find that more caffeine does the trick – and switchfoot with the windows down. And ice cream. And a little Barry White.

    Thanks for sharing Aaron – just nice to be in good company.


  • Rindy Walton · May 16, 2009

    Great words today. You’re challenging me to look around at my own “as good as it gets” moments and situations. Thank you.

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