Memorial Day 2009

Never forget their sacrifice. This isn’t just a weekend with an extra day off. To those that have served, serve today and those that never made it back,  my sincere appreciation and my utmost respect. My family and I honor each of you this weekend.

One thought on “Memorial Day 2009

  1. Good post Aaron! My brother-in-law has been in the Army for 6 years. He was due to get out a little over a year ago, but then he was stop lossed a month before his release and sent to Iraq for 15 months. He deployed about a month after he and my sister married. It has been SO tough on my sister. Thankfully, his tour was shortened and he will be coming home after 12 months. He is due to come home in 2 weeks! We are so excited. Watching my sister deal with his deployment has been very tough. There has really been nothing that I could say or do to comfort her. But thankfully, she found a community of army wives through the blog world and they have gotten her through this last year. Thanks for your words to the soldiers! This is a very bittersweet holiday! If it weren’t for their service, we would not have our freedom. Many lives were lost and are still lost today in order for us to live in a land free from opression. They are honored this weekend!

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