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“Wide Awake” Quotes

I have been reading the book “Wide Awake” by Erwin McManus recently. This is a great book. I have folded the corner of at least every other page (a signal that I liked something on that page) and underlined a majority of it. As an added bonus, I found out this week that Erwin graduated from none other than The University of North Carolina!  I will be sharing many of his quotes but here are just a few so far:

The unknown with God is better than the known without him

I think a lot of us are not on a path; we’re in a rut. We have confused comfort with peace, belief with faith, safety with wisdom, wealth with blessing, and existence with life.

Now what you have to ask yourself is this: am I willing to move from what I have to what I could create? Am I willing to give up what I know for what I don’t know? Do I keep shrinking back to the life I have because it’s the default mode for existence? Am I willing to risk everything I have to create the life you could have? This is the same tough choice that those who came before us and were marked by faith had to make.

Faith pushes you to pursue a God-sized dream, and hope pulls and inspires you to never quit until it is a reality.

To make even one dream come to reality, many other dreams have to be sacrificed on the altar of your imagination.


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  • Chrystie · June 27, 2009

    These are awesome and I cannot wait to start reading the book!

  • mattdabbs · June 27, 2009

    He is a really great speaker and author. I had a chance to meet him last year at a conference but decided to leave the guy alone. He was going to be speaking within the hour and I didn’t want to be “that guy.” In case you weren’t aware, Eric Bryant works with him, has a great blog, and often posts audio of Erwin McManus. His blog is

    If my memory is right, you can also find some audio at the origins project –

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