Have you ever looked at buying a new car and all of the sudden you see thousands of models like the one that you are going to buy? I’m convinced that it’s not that EVERYONE started buying them, you are just more in tune to that particular thing which has been around you all along.

I can, with complete honesty, say that I have never in my life heard and seen more people seeking, searching, discerning, praying, hurting, listening and open to God’s call in their life. It seems like so many people I know are searching or waiting on that voice of God to just tell them where he wants them and what he wants them to do. Or is it that my own personal “buying experience” has brought others similar search into tune with mine? Regardless, I sit here this evening after a weekend of what seemed like so much talk of seeking, searching discerning.

I find comfort in hearing that so many people are searching for Gods will in their life. I also find a peace in the words to this song. May those that read this that are on the same journey find it too.