wide awake imageOne thing that has always amazed me is how books seem to hit at just the right time. I actually recevied “Wide Awake” by Erwin McManus for Christmas along with 2 other books. I started the other two before I even opened “Wide Awake”. Then one day I sat down in a comfortable chair, put my feet up, opened “Wide Awake”

and fell asleep

True story. Ask “the boy”. He was sitting right there when it happened. So for 7 months this book has sat on the shelf and collected dust. I decided to take it with me on vacation back in June (along with one of the other Christmas books I have yet to read) and read it on the beach. Since the last book I read by Erwin McManus (Soul Cravings) didn’t really do much for me, I decided to start vacation off with “Faith and Doubt” by John Ortberg. Ortberg books always inspire and keep me laughing. His “Everybody is Normal Till You Get To Know Them” is in my top 5 favorites. Yet after a chapter or two, I found myself drawn to open up “Wide Awake” again and start with that book.

By the time vacation was over I had read half the book and was just looking for a time when I could read some more. I have folded more corners than I can count and underlined more quotes than I have ever underlined a book. It’s fitting that there is an eye on the cover because that is where this one hit me…square between the eyes. No other book has captured my attention or received more head nods in agreement. It hit right in the very place that I have been dwelling for nearly a year now.

This book is all about our dreams.

The dreams that God places in our hearts.

It’s about chasing those dreams no matter what the cost.

It’s about knowing that God is bigger than the obstacles in the way of those dreams.

BOOM! Now you understand why I underlined and folded corners. McManus spent 250+ pages “preaching to the choir”. Not only was I in agreement, I was convicted. Too often I think I let my human nature talk me out of what I know, in my heart, God has called me to do. All too often I have allowed my thoughts define the reasons why I shouldn’t when FAITH  should be the reasons I should.

When I closed this book, I can with conviction say that it is the best book I have ever read. Sorry Tony Dungy, “Quiet Strength” has officially slid to number two on my list.  I know that I will return, again and again, to “Wide Awake” for inspiration and a blueprint of dreams that will be fulfilled.

I give this book 5 out of 5!

Next up: An advance copy of the new Max Lucado book  “Fearless” thanks to my friends at Thomas Nelson.