Three Athletes, One God


I mentioned it before, but “the boy” asks an interesting question rather frequently as we watch sporting events. The question is simple, but often I cannot give a clear answer. His question is this…

Hey Dad, is (insert athlete’s name here) a Christian?

Athletes he has asked about in the past are Lebron James, Tyler Hansbrough and Ryan Howard. I found out yesterday that Albert Pujols is a man of great faith. “The Boy” and I watched the home run contest together the other night. I had stepped out of the room, but when I returned he told me about an interview they did with Josh Hamilton while I was gone. They had asked him about his incredible home run display last year and he gave all of the credit, glory and honor to Jesus. “The boy” told me about it and later I heard him telling my wife.

Lastly this morning, I received an email from our good friend Lynne with an article in the Columbus Dispatch about a blue chip prospect in the Cleveland Indians farm system named Matt Laporta. He is the next big thing in Cleveland and currently plays for our local AAA Columbus Clippers. The article outlines his faith. Great, great stuff. I printed the Pujols and Laporta articles (see links below) and shared them with “the boy” this morning. Later, I plan to take him to the “I Am Second” web site so he can hear the testimony of Josh Hamilton first hand.

Dads, like it or not, our kids are going to follow athletes and pick their heroes (just like we did). Choose wisely.

Albert Pujols article -(HERE)

Matt Laporta article -(HERE)

Josh Hamilton testimony – (HERE)

3 thoughts on “Three Athletes, One God

  1. Thanks for the link on the Pujols article. Watching the game, when he interviewed with the sideline reporter after his exit, he seemed so humble and real. He thanked God twice, and it seemed legit enough, but as the article even alludes to, you never know with athletes who “thank God” these days…

    The article itself was great. Suck you in with sports-lovin’ then give you a glimpse behind his faith. He’s been one of my favs for a while, I hope God keeps a strong hold on him.

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