Fresh on the heels of being inspired to dream big by the book “Wide Awake“, a dose of reality hit this week.

A dream has died

Have you been there? Have you chased, to whatever extent, a dream you believed was something God laid on your heart. Did you finally come to the reality that it might have just been your dream and that, for now, your hearts desires and God’s plan are not on the same page? It can be defeating. Or, it can be a matter of perspective. Let me explain.

Have you ever heard the old joke about the guy that was convinced God would save him from a pending flood? A guy knocks on his door and says “there’s a flood coming, come with me and you’ll be safe”. The guy says “no because God is going to save him”.  Water rises and now he’s on the roof. Another guy comes by with a boat and makes the same offer, same result. Lastly a helicopter comes and offers, same result. The man dies, goes to Heaven and asks God why he didn’t save him. God replies “I tried 3 times! I sent that man, a boat and a helicopter”!

This week I came to the realization that my dream has been like that vision. I have been so busy praying for God to provide a sign, that I have been missing the ones he is sending. While that was met with a disappointment, I quickly realized that there is something better. There is a different adventure. The journey went right when I thought we were going left. All this to say, I believe a few things.

1. God asks us to be obedient

2. God asks us to be available

3. God asks us to be flexible

4. God asks us to be aware

If your dream recently died, don’t lose heart. If your dream isn’t reality, don’t lose faith. Be obedient. Be available. Be flexible. Be aware. You never know when that man, that boat or that helicopter could be delivering you the news of the dream that shares your hearts desire.