Speaking of Weddings…

If we ever renew our vows, I am TOTALLY doing this. This is GREAT!!!

3 thoughts on “Speaking of Weddings…

  1. Jen! haha I was just gonna say that I have tears too haha. This was awesome and I am sooo gonna share this on my blog as well. LOVE LOVE it! 🙂 And I don’t need to be in your wedding party but I’d like to see you and Heather dance down the aisle!

  2. I honestly cannot get enough of this clip. I think I’ve watched it over 50 times. I am amazed at the amount of time and talent involved in pulling it off. It is literally perfect. I just wish I could have been there to share the day. If this was the start of the day, can you imagine the rest of the events?

    We actually tried something similar in the wedding I was in on Saturday. At the reception, they introduced each of the couples that were in the wedding to a different song (which the bridesmaids had chosen beforehand). We each took a moment to do some type of expressive dance on the dance floor. I had never met my partner so it was a bit awkward.

    We entered to Akon’s “Beautiful”. I took the opportunity to pay a quick tribute to Michael Jackson. I did my best “Billy Jean”…..it was terrible. I’m just glad I didn’t hurt anything.

    At least I’ve got this clip to help me forget that moment.

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