There was a positive tonight on my flight back to Columbus. I had the pleasure and I mean pleasure of sitting next to #80 from the Green Bay Packers, Donald Driver. Man that is a great guy. In an era of standoff, spoiled athletes, this guy was a breath of fresh air. He engaged everyone around him and was more than kind.

One thing to understand is that my flight was routed through Milwaukee for some reason. He is on his way to camp along with all of the other passionate Packer fans on our plane. He took pictures, signed shirts and pillows, shook hands and listened to stories. I hesitated to ask him but did get an autograph just before we landed. I got it for “The Boy”. I figured I would regret not getting it for him every time we see #80 on ESPN.

One final story. A guy walked up to him and said “I had you on my fantasy team last year. You got me a bunch of points. Do it again this year okay?” Donald kindly replied that he would do his best. Class act.