I just got back from my last “long run” before the half marathon in 3 weeks. When I woke up this morning the last thing I wanted to do was go hit 12 miles. This was also the longest training week in terms of mileage. So there was some motivation to know that after today my longest run will be over and the longest week will be over. So I pushed off around 8:30am.

I strategically placed a G2 bottle at about the half-way point so I could replace some fluids. That came at just the right time and actually gave me a lift around mile 8. I had seen a video this week that talked about going steady the first half, then pushing it the second half to record your best time. I tried to follow that plan today and surprisingly got stronger through miles 8, 9, 10 and 11. Somewhere along there, I decided to push it to 13 today just to do it.

Around mile 12 I think the G2 had worn off and my strength was beginning to fade. I finally ended the run at 12.4 and walked for a bit. I did pick up a light jog again to simulate taking a water break and starting again which was fine. After last weeks disastrous 12 miles, it was a blessing to feel so good today.

Highlights of the run musically were:

“You Reign” – MercyMe

“Lose My Soul” – Toby Mac

“To Be With You” – Mr. Big

“Shattered” – OAR

“Lemonade” – Chris Rice

“Colored People” – DC Talk

“The Blessing” – John Waller

Next week begins the tapering off of mileage. I might substitute my 4 mile run on Thursday for playing 2 hours of pick-up basketball in Indianapolis. We’ll see.

On the journey……