Quick update this morning before I have to head off to “The Mother-ship” in Indianapolis (Corporate Headquarters) for  a few days. I went on a quick 5 mile run early this morning. Somewhere around mile 2, this song hit the iPod. I lost count of how many times I hit repeat over the next 4 miles. I couldn’t get enough of it. It energized me, challenged me, reminded me, inspired me and got my blood going (I am NOT a morning person or runner). I post it now so that maybe it will do the same for you today.

One other side note….In one of those “God sense of humor moments”, I passed a women walking her dog wearing a CAROLINA BLUE T-shirt with the words INDIANA across the front. If you know anything about our journey, where we thought we were going and where we will more-than-likely end up one day…that is REALLY funny. At least I got a kick out of it. I gotta get me one of those shirts….

On the journey……