Hard to believe that school starts up for another year again this week. It’s even harder to believe that I am actually sad to see it go. I’m not one that usually gets all that sentimental or excited about the changing of seasons. In some odd way, I enjoy feet and feet of snow as much as warm sunshine and trips to the pool. I think it’s my native Clevelander showing. This summer has been different though. This summer has been a special time. Maybe it’s the kids being older and able to do more. Maybe it’s some realization that the summers are flying by and the kids ARE getting older.

Whatever it is, this is a summer I will remember. We packed it full from May to August and each moment was memorable. Just because the summer is ending, there is no sign of slowing down any time soon. We took the opportunity tonight to use the unseasonably cool evening for one last night around the fire before school starts. The kids had fun blowing bubbles into the fire while Heather and I sat mesmerized by the dancing flames. There is something so peaceful about a fire. Goodbye summer of 2009. It was one I will forever remember.