So it begins, another year of school. Last night all three of our children were so excited about the start of a brand new year of education. They must have gotten that gene from my wife because I know I never got all that excited about another year of “hittin’ the books”. The walk to school this morning was funny though. All the little ones with their new backpacks, shoes and outfits for the first day. Moms and Dad’s lined the outside entrance with cameras in hand. One family (complete with Grandma and Grandpa) were literally videotaping their child as he walked down the sidewalk. Thus begins the school year 2009.

I am reminded of two quotes at this time of year that I usually drag out and post. The first is from Mark Harris:

Let my love give you roots and help you find your wings

That is my prayer as they walked in the door. This is the time when they will mold and shape who they are. These are the moments that will define who they are. This is the time that they must find their wings for one day, they will fly on their own.

The second comes from none other than Pam Tillis:

You hang on till you can’t hang on
Then you learn to let go
And you get what you need sometimes
When it’s all said and done
You do what you gotta do
Then you let that pony run

3 years ago when “The Boy” started school (our first child mind you), I was reminded of that song. I was reminded that we have done what we can in teaching him, molding him, shaping him and hanging on. It was time to “let that pony run”. I’m happy to say that he has got along just fine in his first few years of school. I’m so proud of all three of them and who they are becoming. Not only as people, but who they are becoming in Christ.

So today as most of us ushered our little one’s off to school, maybe for the first time. Remember to do what you gotta do and let that pony run. May each and every one of them find their wings.