Nearly one year ago our world was turned upside down. If you’ve been following along that long, you will remember that if we could hit reverse on the DVR, there would be a “For Sale” sign in our front yard. There were boxes in our living room and plans were being made to relocate to Charlotte, North Carolina. Fast forward the DVR about one month and you find that the entire process went full circle. No boxes were ever packed. No trucks ever loaded. The “For Sale” sign was gone and one song became an anchor for me as to why we were still in Columbus, Ohio. That song was “God of This City“. There was something in the lyric – “Greater things have yet to come and greater things are still to be done in THIS City” that struck me. Greater things were still to be done.

Hit the button one more time and fast forward to today. What has the past year taught us? What has this lesson brought us? I wish I could give you a great story with a big red bow on it but I can’t. While our human nature longs, dare I say demands that God reveal his master plan and consult with us throughout the process, he doesn’t. It’s never how we draw it up. It is a journey though and there are lessons all along the roads we travel. Today, I type this with a renewed sense of purpose and a heart for the city of Columbus, Ohio. If there was ever a time for the body of Christ to unite and rally around the city they live in, that time is now.

Town hall meetings, hurting people, broken families, frustrated with the future and wishing we could wipe away the past. The list of reasons to be a city on our knees is endless. That is why this song has been speaking to me all week. When it comes to TobyMac, for me, a little bit goes a long way. However the first song from his new CD (coming out in February) is the perfect reminder that we can be a city on our knees. As the lyric so perfectly says:

If you gotta start somewhere why not here?

If you gotta start sometime why not now?