A little different approach to this weeks “Sermon Notes”. Our church had the blessing of having a special guest for the holiday weekend, Dennis Jernigan. While Dennis didn’t preach on a specific topic, he shared his music, his heart and his story. There was so much there to reflect upon, I really can’t put it all in one post. God has blessed Dennis with an incredible ability to validate those in the audience to be “real” for a few minutes. He often says “let’s get honest” and that, for so many (yours included) is often very difficult to do.

Of the many things Dennis shared, there were two that really stood out to me. One I will share later this week in a different post, the other is the concept of allowing God to “Sing Over Us”. At various times in his speaking and singing, Dennis asked if there were those in attendance that were dealing with certain things (loss of a dream, loss of a loved one, loss of another kind). He then asked them to stand while he spoke directly to them. It was at this point that he would ask the church to “be the body of Christ” and surround those standing while he sang a song “over them”. I love that.

As you know, I have three children that mean the world to me. One of my favorite “Daddy Times” is when they climb up in my lap. I hate to think of the day when they will be too big for that. There is something about holding them close, singing a song in their ear, their giggles, their smiles, even the smell of their hair that brings me great joy. Even if they are looking for some comfort from a pain, it is a precious time that I cherish. Our Heavenly Father is no different. Thus the concept of God “singing over us”.

I know a lot of people going through a lot of “stuff” right now. Maybe you are as well. When was the last time you ¬†allowed for a few moments of peace, still and quiet so that God could sing over you? Maybe today is the day. Maybe now is that time. Maybe this song by MercyMe will help guide and direct those moments.

“Keep Singing” by MercyMe from the CD “Undone