Church Made To Grow – What Makes a Healthy Church? (Acts 3:1-8)

Yesterday marked the start of a new sermon series from the book of Acts. Specifically, the fall series will look at how scripture instructs the early church to grow. We looked at the story from Acts 3:1-8 where Peter and John encounter a man crippled from birth. Their interaction and reaction to this man can symbolize the marks of a healthy church. Below are my notes from yesterdays sermon:

Two Marks of a Healthy Church:

2. Get involved with hurting people.

A. Stop to see people in need. Not just see people, but to actually LOOK at them.

B. Invite them into relationship

C. Share what you have

D. Stay until they can stand on their own

2. People are filled with wonder & amazement over what God has done.

Three things that hinder our wonder and amazement

A. Spirit of cynicism – don’t believe people

B. Skepticism – don’t believe in things

C. Fatalism – God doesn’t care about me.

When was the last time that you were filled with wonder and amazement at what God has done? As sure as the sun rises every morning, God is at work. The very fact that the sun DOES rise every morning proves that he is at work. Why have we lost the wonder and amazement? What can we do this week to get that back?