lsu movie poster FINAL

Okay Columbus, Ohio I need 1000 of you. Here’s the deal. Just got off of the phone with a contact for the film “Lord Save Us From Your Followers” (see previous post for trailer). What we need is a commitment of 1000 people that will fill a seat to see the film to get it in Columbus, Ohio. This does not have to be in one showing. We just need to commit that we have at least 1000 people in this town that would like to see the film. They will run it on a weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) and negotiate with a local theater.

If we can put 100,000 people in a stadium to watch a football game, can’t we get 1000 people to watch something that could effect their eternity?


No petitions to sign, no list of names.

Just a verbal commitment from 1000 people. If you will be one of the 1000, leave me a comment on this post, or contact me by¬†email. Let’s go Columbus. I’m counting on you