Friends….I’m troubled.

I am troubled by what our country has become and is becoming. Now before you assume I am talking about our current President, read on. While decisions are being made and cynicism reigns, this is not what troubles me the most. While town halls escalate and tea parties dominate, this is not what troubles me the most. I am not the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to politics. I can’t claim to understand what all of the shouting and organizing ultimately will do to make a difference. So what troubles me most is that the things and places where I know that we, as Christians, can make a difference go untouched.

People are hurting

People are hungry (physically and mentally)

People are broken

While the wave and volume of the arguments between the right and left grow higher and higher, “the least of these” grow quieter and quieter. In our efforts to be right, what troubles me is that we are missing our opportunity to be Jesus. I am sorry if that offends or if you disagree, but this is what I believe God is saying to me. As God often does, He speaks in many different ways through many different forms but the message is often the same when He wants our attention. For me, personally, I believe He is saying that what this world needs is the LOVE of Jesus. What this world, this country, this state and this city need are people who will be what Christ called us to be. As Phillip Yancey once said:

“No one ever converted to Christianity because they lost the argument”

I had the opportunity yesterday to view “Lord Save Us From Your Followers” and friends, it broke me. I sat numb for several minutes as the credits rolled. It was like I had an opportunity to step outside of my world and see what was going on from a new perspective. I didn’t like what I saw. I didn’t like what we I have become. It not only left me numb, it inspired me. I energized me. It awakened me.

I have two things to leave you with today. Number one, we MUST get this film in Columbus (we are making great progress by the way). It needs to be seen by those on the right, the left and in between. If we are going to change our world, our state and our city, this is the place to start. I cannot say it enough. Trust me on this. If you are not in Columbus, look at their web site and find a showing near you. You will be glad you made the journey to get there.

Lastly, I ask you to watch this clip from Bono. The audio was taken from his speech at the 2006 National Prayer Breakfast (full transcript here). Parts of his speech are featured in the “Lord Save Us From Your Followers” film. After hearing him speak and seeing the other parts of the “Lord Save Us” film, I couldn’t help but wonder if Christianity couldn’t use a little more Bono and a little less “Religious Right”. Sorry if that offends, but when I find or hear things that bother me I have to ask if they bother me because they are so right or so wrong. I don’t claim to be right, or have the answers. However when you align what Bono is saying with the teachings of Jesus from the Bible (the Truth) you cannot argue with his call to action.