jerA few years ago I found myself on a trip and without a book to read. I picked up “Jerusalem Countdown” by John Hagee in the airport bookstore and began to read. This book was written in 2006 and I read it not long after it was released. This isn’t a book review. If I remember right, I already did one. If you want to know, it was a great book. Scary stuff, but a great book.

For some odd reason last night as I was drifting off to sleep, I remembered a quote from the book. I remembered thinking that when I read it, I thought it was probably pretty prophetic and true. Little did I know how accurate this really would be. Buckle up folks, this is some scary stuff.

From the Jerusalem Countdown, Page 108-109.

It’s obvious to the nations of the world what Russia and the Arabs are doing, and yet the Western world is doing absolutely nothing to stop them. Why won’t America respond? Let me venture to say that after America’s extended war in Iraq, the next administration will probably be Democratic and will withdraw from Iraq, vowing to stay out of the Middle East in the future.

America as a whole wants short, high-tech military campaigns with shock and awe that end in Washington DC with massive parades down Pennsylvania Avenue on national television, such as we had in Desert Storm. Long, drawn-out wars of attrition, as in Vietnam, will be part of our past – not our future. When America sees Russia and the Arabs going into Israel, it will be simply a war above and beyond its national will to respond. Russia and the Arab nations will form one of the most impressive military forces ever put together. As Ezekiel says, “It will cover the land”.

Like I said, last night, for some odd reason that just came to my mind. So much so that I went looking for the book and that quote this morning to make sure I remembered it correctly. As I said, this was written and I read it nearly 3 years ago. Then I logged on to the internet this morning and was greeted with this…

Obama to world: Don’t expect America to fix it all.