We continue to be in a series from Acts looking at “The Marks of a Healthy Church“. Specifically this morning we looked at Acts 4 and how to handle opposition.

1. Opposition is expected (John 15:30)

– Comes at the least likely time

– Comes from the most unlikely people

2. Opposition is an opportunity to tell the truth

– Emboldened them to speak to their critics (Acts 4:10-11)

– Emboldened them to claim Christ (Acts 4:12) (Matthew 7:13-14)

– Silences your critics (Acts 4:14)

3. Opposition is a test of our love and loyalty

– What do you talk about when people talk to you?

– Peter and John were so full of Jesus it just “fell out” of them. (Acts 4:20)

4. Opposition is intended to strengthen our resolve to speak boldly

– Sharing what happened with their friends

– Prayed together (Acts 4:24-25)

– Filled with Holy Spirit (Acts 4:31)

As I think about this topic, I was reminded of this debate on Nightline regarding “Does Satan Exist”. I was most reminded of the way that Pastor Mark Driscoll responded to the opposition he faced in this debate. If you are familiar with Mark Driscoll, he has never been accused of being the most humble of individuals. He often confesses this weakness to his church. Not only does he confess the weakness, he has continued to grow in his humility.

That being said, Watch the beginning of this clip. Listen to the way that Mark Driscoll defends to gospel by speaking the truth. He is not rude or arrogant, but is confident in the TRUTH. May we all have the wisdom and knowledge to speak to our opposition in such a way.