Although “the boy’s” birthday was Tuesday, we officially wrap up the festivities tomorrow. First off, the Hansbrough Pacer’s jersey was a huge hit. He hasn’t worn it yet but I think he’s afraid to mess it up. It will work nicely for our floor seats on Opening night in Indianapolis. Although it could be a total buzz kill if Hansbrough is still nursing his bad shin and doesn’t play! After school on Tuesday the family celebrated his birthday at Red Robin. The celebration was short lived because he was off to play his final game of Fall Ball.

Tomorrow is his official party which includes me and a small group of his friends going to see “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs” followed by some CiCi’s Pizza. We waited until tonight to make his cake so he can share it with his friends tomorrow. As you can see, I put on my “Cake Boss” hat and got to work. The original design was for a Pacers Jersey, but we didn’t have any navy blue icing. As luck would have it, we had Carolina Blue icing at the ready (imagine that). So we settled on a Hansbrough “throwback” jersey!

After wrapping up the cake decorating we made our way to the living room to trim up the mohawk (affectionally called “roadkill”) that was on his head. Family pictures are looming on Saturday and he needed a little touch up. I can’t change my own oil, fix a leaky faucet or tell you who won the war of 18-whatever, but if you need a cake or a hair cut…I’m your guy.