We haven’t taken one step of that 13.1 miles that are looming on Sunday and I’m already signing us up for some additional mileage! I can’t help it, this one looks REALLY cool. Even for a Tar Heel fan that is trapped in Buckeye country. Before I get to this race, just a quick update that we signed up as promised for the 4 miler on Thanksgiving Day tonight. Right now we’ve got about 12 people that have verbally committed to running it with us. So if you were still thinking about it, today is your day! Join us won’t you?

Now, the race below came out of nowhere tonight. I have been seeing the ads on Nikeplus.com for the “Human Race 10K” but didn’t really think much about it. The more I looked into it, the more I couldn’t help but want to be a part of it. You can get all of the details here, but next Friday night Heather and I (and possibly others) will be hitting the oval at THE Ohio State University for a 10K run. It’s homecoming weekend on campus so the atmosphere should be ROCKIN’! I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a 10K on campus, a concert, the homecoming parade and to be part of something all over the world…all for $10! If the 10K sounds intimidating, there is also a 5K.