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You Wouldn’t Cry

You all know me well enough by now to know that all it takes is a song or a lyric to capture me. Although it would seem odd to many, a few simple words from the speakers can literally change my entire day. Today would be one of those days. While most often the words and music bring joy and great memories, there is an occasional bump in the road. That “bump” came this afternoon out of nowhere and took me by surprise. The song was “Homesick” by MercyMe and memory was of a friend that went “home” in December. For some reason I can’t shake this so it leads me to believe that I needed to get something here for others that might share that feeling.

The holidays can often bring the joy of family, friends and togetherness. For most people, the holidays can also bring a reminder of a void that remains. As long as we’re on this earth, we will never quite understand why we must say “goodbye”. I once heard it said that it is because we were never meant to do so. It wasn’t God’s plan. All that changed in the garden and we’re still trying to figure it all out. Where we find our peace and the anchor is in knowing that one day, there will be a reunion. There will be a homecoming and a chance to grab those we love and miss “around the neck”. As much as I love things here on earth, I would be lying if I said that it’s a day I sometimes can’t wait to see.

The intention here isn’t to open up wounds or bring us down. Yet I think we are instructed to rejoice and mourn together. In the early part of this post, I have been mourning. The video and song below gives me reason to rejoice. It is a reminder that if we could see those we love and where they are now…we wouldn’t cry.

One day we will… day we will….



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  • Amanda Ragan · October 27, 2009

    I lost my Granddaddy December 26, 2006 after a 12 year up and down battle with prostate cancer…it just KEPT coming back. It was his death that actually brought me back to God. Granddaddy was one of God’s best warriors here on Earth and I just couldn’t wrap my head around why God wouldn’t leave him here to do more work for the Kingdom. God very gently showed me just how much He honored Granddaddy’s work. Most cancer patients are bedridden, in extreme pain, and very ill for quite some time before they die. Granddaddy was up and walking around until seven days before he pasted away. He held on through Christmas because he didn’t want Christmas Day to be a sad day for us. He died at 10:10am the next morning when we told him Christmas was over. I was crying out to God (for the first time in several years) and asking Him why He would take Granddaddy of all people and then God laid something so heavy on my heart I couldn’t breathe. God spoke very gently to me and said, “Why wouldn’t I take him?! He deserves it!” My Granddaddy was too faithful to God to be required to stay in this sin-filled world that can be so hard sometimes. I rejoice with an incredibly happy heart now knowing that Granddaddy is dancing with Jesus, hugging his family, and kicking up gold dust while he runs with my cousin who was severely disabled on this earth. ***Sorry for the long post! I just had to share! AND…it’s so incredibly refreshing to have someone else on this earth that is a Christian with me! I’m surrounded by nonbelievers so it’s nice to be able to read your posts and see your faith in action! I love reading yours and your wife’s blog so much! Thanks for always posting!

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