On Saturday morning, my good friend Brian and I are headed back to Indianapolis. In what is becoming an annual tradition, we are taking our 2 oldest children to the All Pro Dad Colts Father and Kids Experience. Last year we took them to the same event but visited the home of the Cincinnati Bengals. It was a great time of connection, affirmation and fun with our little ones. On several occasions over the past year, my son and oldest daughter have both asked when the next All Pro Dad days is. Being that Brian is a diehard Colts fan and I am what you would call a “frontrunner” fan (they are 7-0!!), we were first in line to sign up for this location. While I don’t claim to be an All Pro Dad, here are the 10 ways to strive for that:

1. Love Your Wife

2. Spend time with your children

3. Be a Role Model

4. Understand Your Children

5. Show Affection

6. Enjoy Your Children

7. Eat Together As A Family

8. Discipline With a Gentle Spirit

9. Pray and Worship Together

10. Realize You’re a Father Forever

Dad’s – If you think you don’t have time for something like this…I would argue that we don’t have ENOUGH times like this. This is the best investment you can ever make. “It won’t be like this for long…..”