DSC00457“The Boy” sent me a Power Point presentation that he put together this morning. Yes, you read that correctly. My 9 year old actually put together an entire Power Point. That amazes me because I work with grown adults that don’t know how to use that program. I did not assist him or help with this at all. It came straight from his mind. It was too good to not pass along this morning. Hope it makes you all laugh like it did for me:

“If I Were President” by “The Boy”

– I would make cotton candy for breakfast.

– I would make no bed times so you could stay up all night.

– I would make your birthday everyday.

– I would make video games $1.00.

– I would make your pay day $100,000,900.

– I would make the basketball hoop 5 foot not 10 foot.

– I would make school’s have 17 weeks off of school and then 1 day of school and then 17 weeks off.

– I would also make flat screen tv’s only $5.00

– I would make PSP’s free for everybody.

– I would make there be 20 feet of snow and basketball cards are a penny.

I would make the North Carolina Tar Heels the best team in every sport.

– I would make instead of regular slide I would make a water slide. That would be sweet.

– You could meet Lebron James and Kobe Bryant.

– I would make tickets to games like basketball, baseball football and tennis games free.

I would make Duke University the worst team in everything.

– I would make these little robots that would correctly answer every question on your math test. And you would just say something and then I would happen. For example, you would say I would like some hot chocolate and then it would be right there

– I would make a pool in everyone’s house.

– I would make your backyard 1,000 feet.

– I would make no math at school and just playing outside, lunch, writing and reading.


Now THAT is change we can believe in!!!