Today we received a notification from the photographers that take photos at races that our pictures were in from the Turkey Trot. This allows me to show you a frame by frame finish of the end of the race. With all due respect to the photographers, I am not selling or printing these so hopefully they are cool with what is below. I just wish I had a copy of the theme from “Chariots of Fire” to start playing right….NOW (just play it in your head as you read along). This was PRICELESS!

As I said earlier, I felt GREAT in this race. I got out quickly and kept gaining momentum as I ran. I don’t say this to brag, it just helps set up the finish. This particular race starts off at an upscale fitness facility in Dublin with the finish line positioned on a corner at the top of a long sloped driveway. As I turned onto said driveway, I noticed “some dude” coming up beside me at a pretty strong sprint. I thought I would pick up the pace a bit as well. I ran faster. He ran faster. I ran faster. He ran faster. Before I knew it we were in a dead sprint to the finish line. Neck and neck.

Then it happened…..

You cannot see me in this frame but I am to his right. Note the all out sprint that he is on. If you can see me, I was doing the same thing. (Note, I have no idea who the other lady in this frame is)

Have you ever been in the fast lane cruising along and some car pulls over into the lane going MUCH slower and cuts you off. Well, it happens in races too. As we turned that final corner (ON A DEAD SPRINT), I looked up to see “Runner 744” cruising to the finish line. Remember, I am in a dead sprint race with “some dude”. If I had break lights on my shirt, they would have been ALL LIT UP.

As we crossed the finish, I had to apply the breaks as to not collide with “Runner 744” and avoid an incredibly awkward moment with a complete stranger. Did I mention I was on a dead sprint?

Now these next two frames are just hilarious (to me anyway). First off, I can tell you that at no point was any contact ever made with “Runner 744”. Although this picture (and the look on her face) appears that there was an “awkward moment”, there was none. I was able to apply the brakes before ever colliding. I assume the look on her face was from the feeling she was about to be trampled and the smell of diesel fuel behind her. I might have lost a hubcap or two as well….

I had to include this one as well. When running a race, it’s important (no matter how bad you’re feeling) to finish with a smile. You never know who might be snapping your picture at that moment. “some dude” certainly had a photo finish. Me….not so much.

The truth is that I looked for “some dude” after the race to thank him for the spirited finish and congratulate him on his run. By the time the dust cleared on the near collision at the finish line, he had disappeared in the sea of people. So, if you’re reading this, thanks! While I don’t run these things to break any records, it was fun to have a little competition to finish strong.

Now you know the “rest of the story”….