For those that follow “Sermon Notes”, below is a preview of what is to come. For those in the Columbus/Hilliard/Dublin area that are looking for a place to celebrate the Christmas season over the next few Sunday’s, this is for you too! I’m looking forward to the upcoming series at Journey Church themed “It’s A Wonderful Life“. The note below is from our Pastor Denny

What’s your favorite Christmas movie?  I think mine is It’s a Wonderful Life. In the movie, George Bailey (played by Jimmy Stewart) finds out that his life, though seemingly insignificant and meaningless to him, is actually very meaningful to others.  In addition, he finds out that he is not alone.  Not only is he surrounded by friends who love him but by a lovable character whose name is Clarence.  Clarence is an angel who has yet to earn his wings.   He is given a chance to earn them by convincing George that his life is worth living.

For the next three weeks at Journey, we will consider the theme of the movie along with the Christmas story and attempt to answer from Scripture questions about angels, our lives and the birth of Jesus. Join us this Sunday at 10 a.m. for the first message of the series, Do Angels have Wings?

Bring a friend and your favorite coffee mug and we’ll see you Sunday for this timely and relevant series!

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