You will need to forgive me this week as I am looking ahead to the weekend. It sounds crazy, but there is something about the city of Charlotte that just gets in my blood. While I’ve never spent more than a few days there at a time, some part of me feels like it’s “home”. Maybe one day it will be. Until then, I cherish every moment and hour I can spend there. This weekend will be a whirlwind tour with very little time to relax. We’re sure to get an up close tour of the city while running 13.1 miles in the Thunder Road 1/2 Marathon. The playlist below was born out of all of what I mentioned above. I’m looking forward to a time of prayer, praise, reflection and discernment. I’m also looking forward ┬áto sharing another journey with my partner in life and running, my lovely bride. How can I not kick it off without “Carolina on my Mind” by James Taylor?

Here’s what will be ringing in my ears while we pound out the miles.