One year ago (December 21st), many of us lost a dear friend. Our hearts were broken and the questions remained. A courageous and inspiring battle with cancer came to a close. Most would say that the battle was “lost” but an argument can be made that the battle was won. The healing that we all prayed for came in a different form than we envisioned. Tonight I reflect on that journey and the impact it left on my life. I am reminded that our time on this earth is so brief. Our days and time is so limited.

Our ability to love is not

Our ability to forgive is not

Our ability to share compassion is not

Our capacity to inspire others is not

Our opportunity to make someone’s life better is not

Our opportunity to leave this place better than we found it is not

My friend Stefan did all of those things and more. He left those that met him inspired, loved, and feeling like they were given a glimpse into the heart of our Savior. I can never claim to know or understand why things happen as they did a year ago. Tonight I can reflect and cherish the memories and the impact. I can look forward to the day when we WILL know and “finally understand what it means”.

We miss you friend….