My wife and I were having a discussion recently about friendships and I shared a philosophy that I have about them with her. I don’t know if it’s accurate or not, but I have come to believe it is. Maybe it’s my desire for one or the other, or simply an observation. This is where your feedback would be appreciated. I am interested to see if others see themselves in one of these two categories. So here goes:

I believe that there are two kinds of people (and friendships) in this world. The first type of person (person A) has friendships “a mile wide and an inch thick”. The second type of person (person B) has friendships “an inch wide and a mile thick”. In other words, the “person A” is the kind of person that knows everyone. They have a million friends on facebook and seem to know people everywhere they go. They have a short list of people that are those they count as “close friends” or the kind of people you would call at 2 in the morning when your world just collapsed.

“Person B” may not have the list of friends that “Person A” has, but those that he/she has are “solid as oak”. In other words, the friends that they do have would take a bullet for that friend if they had to. Their relationships are not many, but the ones they have are deep.

As I pondered my analysis, I wondered what scripture would say. I wondered which category Jesus fell in. Was he “person A” or “person B” in my formula. The more I thought about it, I think he might have created a new category (He was always doing that wasn’t He?) altogether. I think Jesus had both. We know He had 12 “B.F.F’s” that He spent 3 years investing His life into. Yet He also was the center of attention every place he went. If it was facebook, He might have even created a “fan page” because He had so many friends.

When the dust cleared on my big thought process, I guess I am still not sure. I believe that we are called to be Jesus to each person we meet. Yet, like Jesus, we need a band of brothers that pour into our lives and we into theirs. We need a community of people that we can be real with and depend on at 2 in the morning. We also need to be that friend for others.

So how about you?

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