If you are like me, the devistation and aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti continues to break your heart. If you are also like me, you want to help but at times feel helpless. Cutting a check or giving your credit card information doesn’t give the knowledge of where that money went. We can’t see it, touch it or know that helped at all. Today I was made aware of an effort that is both a necessity and will allow you to know where your generous gift went.

A Home In Haiti is a web site which was launched by fellow blogger Shaun King. Shaun is the Lead Pastor at Courageous Church in Atlanta, Georgia. Through their efforts, Coleman has agreed to take off as much as 60% on their collection of waterproof tents for this cause. With the rainy season just 16 days away, you can imagine the impact of a waterproof shelter for a family or those in need. While not the ultimate solution, it will provide protection and a place to stay while the other funding and support continues to come in. From the A Home In Haiti Website:

Yes -homes of wood and stone and steel are needed. We are working on that RIGHT NOW, but while we work, we must ensure that we ACT to provide shelter from the impending rainy season that begins in March and hurricane season that begins in June. Our tents are flown & shipped weekly to Haiti through trusted partners and are distributed directly by experienced professionals on the ground.

There are many ways to give. You can donate, start a tent drive or even purchase the tents directly from Amazon.com and have them shipped to Courageous Church. My wife and I chose the option of purchasing directly through Amazon.com. I like knowing that our donation will be a tangible item and can help in an immediate way. For more information and to help this cause, visit ahomeinhaiti.com

May God pour out his blessings on the people of Haiti…