Like most of the rest of the world, I just watched the streaming video of Tiger Woods statement of apology. Unlike most of the internet world, I am not going to offer an analysis, judgement or opinion.

There is a family in need of restoration.

There is a marriage in need of repair.

There is a man in need of help.

Any words I put on this blog are not going to change those things. As a man who has personally been shown more grace than I could ever repay, I offer Tiger nothing but the same. I won’t stand in judgement of his choice of religion but I will pray that he will open his heart to Jesus during his treatment and therapy.

What I will offer is an observation. It happened when the press conference was over and if you weren’t watching, you might have missed it.

As Tiger completed his statement, he made is way to the front row where his Mom was sitting. She stood with a smile that only a parent can have and embraced her son.

Grace needed.

Mom provided.

As a parent it stood out to me because it is an example of a love which knows no end. It is a love which sees beyond the failures to the core of the person inside. It is a love that knows that deep inside each one of us is the child that once knew no addiction, no struggles, no failures in judgement. It’s a love that believes that can be again.

I am moved by his mothers love. Her embrace said more than Tiger could say in 14 minutes of a prepared statement. Her embrace reminded me that spilled milk, fingerprints on the TV and not eating your vegetables will one day seem small compared to what my children could do. I pray they don’t but know, given our nature, they might. I know there will be consequences as well there should be. Grace doesn’t give a free pass, but it loves through the storm. It directs through the rough waters to a place where the ship will one day sail smooth waters.

As a parent and a man that has more failures than I can count, I can only offer Tiger what his Mom offered him….


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