No Wubzzy! Wubzzy NO!

It is amazing how quickly life can change. In just three short days, our household has been turned completely upside down by a furry little 3 month old named “Wubzzy”. Here are just a few of the changes to come our way:

  • All bedroom doors must now be closed due to socks, slippers, pillows and towels being the object of Wubzzy’s oral fixation.
  • The phrases “Wubzzy No!”, “No Wubzzy”, “No Bite”, “Down”, “Kennel Up”, “Good Boy” and “Potty” can be heard at any time.
  • I am now a morning person out of necessity and not choice.
  • Each of the members of our family appear to have gone 10 rounds with Edwards Scissorhands from sharp teeth and claws
  • There seems to be a rather interesting pile of shopping bags tied in a knot accumulating in our trash can.

All kidding aside, we are head over heels in love with the “Wubster”. He has fit perfectly into our crazy lives and is bringing all of us great joy. He has responded very well to training and is taking to his cage training perfectly. While the nipping is a little tough on the hands and scary for the kids, it’s all a part of having a puppy. I also anticipate plenty of material for this blog. As I type this he is sitting at my feet, barking….

Time to go. Wubzzy calls….

One thought on “No Wubzzy! Wubzzy NO!

  1. Love the Edward Scissorhands comment! We got a new kitten in January and it was pretty much the same thing. That little furball got so much joy out of shredded us to bits! Just this morning I came downstairs to find that our kitten had taken a roll of paper towels from our kitchen counter, dragged it into the living room only to rip it up into tiny pieces. ::sigh:: So much fun!! Wubzzy is a cutie!

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