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It goes without saying but I absolutely love my kids. They are such a mix of my wife and I. It’s amazing how you can almost anticipate how they will react to things because, well, it’s how I would react too. “The Boy” is a great example of this. He is so much me that is scares me to death. The good news is that he has several qualities of my wife too. For example, I think I have tested the boundaries of what you can and can’t do my whole life. I get right to the edge and at times it has cost me more than I’d like to admit. My wife, on the other hand, is awesome with maintaining such a great balance. She has margin in her life and follows direction. It has saved her from the mistakes that I have experienced.

During the opening ceremonies for the Olympics a few weeks ago, I made some commentary remarks about people lip syncing. Apparently that was a new concept to “the boy”. Friends I am telling you that he just couldn’t get his head wrapped around it. In his mind it just wasn’t right. He kept saying “but why would someone do that”. He was seriously struggling with it. Can you imagine what he would have done with Milli Vanilli? In his mind it is just not supposed to go like that.

I bring that up because I believe there is an element of that in each of us. As much as I have pushed the limits and tested the margins, I still know when something just “isn’t supposed to go like that”. Take a look at a churches prayer chain and you will probably think the same thing. Just this week I heard of two Dads that passed away suddenly and left a family behind. Two words that should never go together are “Children’s” and “Hospital”. Hearts shouldn’t be broken and people shouldn’t be lonely. It’s just not supposed to go like that.

Two weeks ago today, my Mom went home to be with the Lord. To be honest it is still surreal. Yet there is an overwhelming peace that has given me joy and strength for each day. While there are times when I ponder how “it’s not supposed to go like that”, I don’t waiver in my faith or trust in the bigger picture. Maybe that is the point I’m trying to make here. While “the boy” didn’t quite understand the opening ceremony lip syncing, there was a reason and a purpose (nerves, acoustics, timing, etc.). I don’t understand or know why we face the burdens we do. I can’t answer why things happen as they do. I can tell you, as the song says below that they “will not go unredeemed”. One day we’ll know. One day we’ll understand.

To all of you that are carrying a heavy load this morning, I share this song by Selah.

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